A Donkey’s Tale…


I adopted Eeyore on EBay just before Christmas…I couldn’t resist that sad looking little fellow needing a new home…and he had lost his tail, which I knew made his chances for a new forever home less likely…I’m a soft touch for plush toys…and donkeys…and who can’t relate to Eeyore?






He effectively breaks my heart. Just look at him!


So…no tail…see…


No problem, I’m a clever and kindhearted lady…and even tho’ sewing is near the bottom of the list of favorite things to do, I am capable, not perfect at it, but I can make things when I put my mind to it. So I bought what I needed, and got busy.


Eeyore inspecting his new tail. I did ask if he still wanted a pink bow…and he seemed uneasy about change, so I kept the sweet thing within his comfort zone…


Since the little guy was forever losing his tail, I made the one improvement that Christopher Robin never thought of doing, I added a button to keep the sucker on the donkey’s butt…a tack, really? A pain in the donkey’s ass…an accident waiting to happen…all that.


A few stitches later… it was on!


I asked him what he thought…he turned to look and then…


Yee-Haaa! WOOT! What a happy donkey indeed!


Eeyore has a new forever home and a new tail that he will never lose again.




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