Kay Ryan, Strangely Marked Metal

Kay Ryan Strangely Marked Metal

It’s safe to say I read the spots off of this one…it seems I’ve been selecting books (lately) that have hit too close to home in my mind. Strangely Marked Metal is one of many that have got me thinkin’…a lot. Goodness knows, I think enough, a mental traveler far and wide, but sometimes I need a little direction, and books often cure what ails my wanderings.

In particular, The Admirable Bede. 7th Century English Historian was a timely treat. Here’s a bit of it about halfway through…

Every century and fraction/ of century is disheartened; part of every home/ and monastery is turned against itself;/each man has something withered/ or a misplaced tooth or an eye that wanders;/ each soul its own barbarian bent on plunder -/ call it Machiavelli; give him history,/ let him march through the city,/ let him name the streets and currency, let/ everyone bow down before his own worst possibility/ manifest; there will be the other part of the city- / like the flower which thrives on neglect, or/ the grace by which monuments slide down to stacks/ upon which some shepherd sits, half loving,/ half hating his life, drawing his flute/ out of his sleeve, one eye on the clouds/ one eye on the sheep.

Timeless, timely. I keep revisiting so much of this little book that its nigh dogeared to death, it’s tiny spine creased. Wisdom and whimsy. A human document.

Although I’ve marked as “finished” on GoodReads, I’m not finished, yet.

I love it.


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