Wild Horses


Saving the Wild Horses and Burros of our country has been a pet project since I was quite young – I did write a letter to President Nixon a very long time ago, and attached a mangled handwritten petition to it. (I had gone door to door, friends, neighbors, and strangers signed it. I’m an introvert, so it was hard to do.) This was my first immersion into a political matter. To be honest, I don’t know if it ever got there or if it was even taken seriously at the time. I was just a kid, not yet ten years old. I don’t remember putting a stamp on it, I wrote “To President Nixon” on the envelope, and stuck it into the neighborhood mailbox. Being from a small town, it’s possible the post office employees had a chuckle upon recognizing the childish scrawl, and maybe one of them was kind enough to send it on its way by adding the missing information. The Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burro Act was signed into law on December 18, 1971. (As much as I could not stand that man, he did the right thing.) I had hoped that this was going to work. No.

That law has been bastardized over the years, protections chipped away by special interest groups with the most money. The ideals that went with this law have been mismanaged by the Federal Government agencies for decades. Now there a thousands of wild horses and burros in government holding facilities – there are more in captivity than there are wild, and they keep rounding up more, attempting to zero-out their populations on lands that had been designated by law for them to roam free. Instead of relocating them somewhere safe where they can remain free, they place them in these corrals. Some are adopted. Some are not. Those who are not, live in what is a purgatory of sorts, they’ve been separated from their families, foals separated from their mothers, stallions gelded, their social structure maimed. They have been degraded to rats with hooves.

There’s a way of doing things, and there’s a way of doing things. This needs to change. These animals are innocents. Their only crime is being alive, and being in someone’s way – in the way of progress. This needs to be corrected. There are better ways. We are a nation of laws.

Please give this some thought. Check it out. It never hurts to arm yourself with knowledge. As a nation, we need to do the right thing.


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