The Book of Marks

(Good grief lady, where have you been?) Busy living life, I guess. Some of my time has been spent basking in the sunshine of the warmest October in memory, making friends with feral kitties, Harper Lee and Smarty Marty, harvesting the bounty from my garden (and the weeds that go along with that), playing with my wee donkey and goat, making mead with my Fred, clearing out my parent’s house to sell it (an emotional mountain if ever there was one, thankfully, we’re on the downhill side of that.)  And of course, picking away on the final editing of my novel Drinking from the Fishbowl which has been a long haul of years in the making…the extra attention has been very worth it. (Of course there are the visitations of doubts that come along with that effort, it’s a see-saw of “This sucks” to “Wait, did I really write that?”) I’ve written a few poems, but they’re too raw to share…tho’ maybe I’ll just post a long rambling thing with all of them in it, and what the heck, it might make sense! Or not.

November has arrived with wind and rain…and still a little bit warmer than normal. I’m sure someone will flip the Winter Switch and the rain will become snow, and I will continue to expect the unexpected…

I do want to share another art project that I’ve had in the works since summer…it was a nice season of splashing around with India ink and shredding paper into pages and then creating the folio to house these fragments of varying shapes and sizes, none of them square or rectangular – they are for the most part irregular, squarish, rectangular-ish bits with no rhyme or reason other than being made on the same day, with the same ink, the same brushes with which I made the same marks…

The Book of Marks.

DSC02398 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_
The folio closed and tied.

When the folio is opened, it offers a collection of sketches with which I create arrangements, compositions, displays of marks, layers, textures, some appear geological in nature…ancient, sacred.

DSC02393 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_

DSC02410 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_
The Folio Opened

DSC02424 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_DSC02422 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_DSC02430 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_DSC02423 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_DSC02451 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_DSC02426 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_DSC02456 The Book of Marks 9 26 2017_

Some things I have no words for…so if I can’t write it, I create images…I know they might not look like anything to write home about, but they do mean a lot to me. This and others like it are part of a larger project that I’m developing that will involve photography, limited edition portfolios for each book (The Book of Fragments, The Book of Contemplations, and The Book of Maps to the Inner World.) There will be a written element, which will involve a book for each folio, and culminating with an exhibition. This will take years to fulfill. And like the novels I write, I’m very patient, and I will see it through.

These new works make me extremely happy…you have no idea. There are more to come.


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