Me n' Lizabeth

This is the official and dedicated website for Laura J. W. Ryan, the project name (or pseudonym) for my books and other writings. I’m an indie author (yeah, I’m sort of like a stray cat…) I write books in the literary fiction vein of books…and the occasional short story or poe-em. I also write book reviews or rather, I write my response to a book I’ve read, I will only write about books I love, it’s highly unlikely that I’d post a negative review.

The facts are…as of now (June 14, 2018) I’m 56 years old, I have lived in Upstate New York all of my life and have settled in an old farmhouse on a windswept hilltop with my Fred of 30 + years, our son, and four cats (there was once one dog named Max, but sadly, he has gone where the best of good boys go after a long life spent sniffing for stories around our acre of the world.) I also have a sweet wee mini-donkey and her wee goat friend, they are the cutest little buckets of sunshine anyone can ask for…

I’m an artist and photographer. To pay the bills, I squeeze in a full time job as a registrar at an art collection (yes, it is the coolest job ever.) What don’t I do? (Windows, apparently, as I can see mine are looking a bit dirty.) I love what I do and feel very fortunate that I have achieved the balance needed to live a creative life.


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