My thoughts about books I’ve read…

Favorite books

Here’s my “library” of books I’ve read and what I thought about them…what they made me think about…many of them will be books that inspired me to become a writer or recent readings that I think deserve attention…if it’s here I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a “good one” to read.

What I’m putting up here are not the typical book report style “reviews”, they’re my thoughts or gut reactions based on my genuine love for books. It may seem like I love everything I read, only because I do…I wouldn’t read something I don’t like…simple.  If you think I might like something you’ve read or have written, I’ll be happy to receive recommendations…if you want me to review a book you’ve written, it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’ll think about it because I’m all for supporting other writers, especially indies like myself dying for a foothold, even a spot on my small ledge might help, but I’ll be honest if it’s not my cup o’ tea, I mean no offense by saying “No” so don’t get mad at me about it. If I really do love it, I’ll buy a hard copy for my library.

If you happened to have stumbled in here and want to take a look at one of my books, I’d be more than happy to share an electronic copy in exchange for a review or a spirited discussion about what I’m doing. Just ask.

(Note…I do not do editing, so don’t ask…no one can pay me enough to edit a book. I only love editing my own.)