ARCs that I’ve had the pleasure to read…

I read for pleasure cuz I love books…reading got me writin’ so it only makes sense that I’d dip in an give up my thoughts about books I’ve read, recently, when I hear a call for readers, I’ve started to jump in and asked “May I?” Sometimes someone with a new book will contact me directly and ask “Could you please?” It can be a risky business for all involved cuz you never know…but so far, I’ve been enjoying myself. The best part is I’m finding out about books I may not have gotten around to otherwise…so, if you have a book that you need reviewed and you like what I do, feel free to contact me, I don’t bite, I don’t ask for money… the worse that can happen, I might say “no…” if I’m overextended because I’m ripping my hair out editing my own work, or if I feel it isn’t my kind of book…that can happen. I have to be realistic, I have a day job, so reading for pleasure is squeezed in between my own creative things that I do, living, breathing, playing with my mini-donkey, (which also means cleaning up after my mini-donkey), doing housework or wasting time on social media, and sleeping.