My thoughts regarding Dean Young’s “Shock by Shock”

Dean Young

Shock By Shock has to be one of the most interesting books of poetry that I’ve ever read. Ever.


Ever (period.)

It struck a cord—it tickled my fancy—made me laugh—I could relate, and even if I couldn’t find common ground, I still was fascinated by the music of the words. I was inspired. Magical. I haven’t read enough poetry books cover to cover to really consider myself an “expert” reader of poetry (I usually dip in read one, set it aside, read another on another day, set it aside…)—but I read this book cover to cover forwards—then started over from the end and read back to the beginning, often lingering over the same two page spread for a few days. THEN I read all of the dog-eared pages again. And again.

Did I like it (SNORT!) Of course, I loved it! (If I didn’t, I wouldn’t bother telling you about it.)

Just for reference, my Most Favorite poems (not necessarily in order):  Crash-Test Dummies of an Imperfect God and Heavy Lifting, and Success Story, and Why I Haven’t “Outgrown Surrealism” No Matter What That Moron Reviewer Wrote, and Another Lethal Party Favor and Oracle, and The Usual, and How to Draw a Circle, and Bender, and Gizzard Song, and If You Can’t Levitate, You’d Better Know How to Disappear, and To the Critics, and wait, I also liked Not Trying to Win No Prize…well, screw, there wasn’t a clunker in the lot! You know, it’s like one of those records that is perfect, not a bad, boring song on it? Like Led Zepplin IV or Nevermind…damn, another long list, I’ll stop, I think you get it…I hope.