Desperate Characters

(Read June 2011)Desperate Characters by Paula Fox

I’m so glad I found my way to this book, and Paula Fox…it’s a book of its time, yet timeless, the writing is elegant and brave, the mood feels claustrophobic, but at times hilarious in spite of the tension, the desperation. Otto and Sophie are in that middle-age landscape, the low valley between young and old, feeling a loss as it seems the world moves on in spite of them, their efforts, their frustration with others around them and a chain reaction of events threatening to undo the relative peace they thought they had, suffering quietly in their discontent, but they snap with occasional outbursts that momentarily stuns them… silent forgiveness and denial moves them onward. It is a mysterious little book, but it’s all there…a thin slice of life, pared down to simplicity. It’s beautiful, I loved it, and will go back to it many times.