Kio Stark, Follow Me Down

Kio Stark cover

Kio Stark’s  Follow Me Down,  is one of those, “little-big” books that I love finding, and another one that I’ve found published by Red Lemonade…this book contains exquisite storytelling, beautiful writing, snapshots of images that are bits of a larger picture, very precise, an honest-to-goodness book—a human document that is unique. I love this book for what it is and I have dog-eared many favorite pages, underlining passages that resonate with Kio Stark’s crisp vision, as if through a camera—she tells it like it is—the camera never lies. I’m so glad a book like this has found its way into the hands of readers—there is a purity of vision that has the elements of a classic, timelessness is part of the art of this book. It’s gorgeous.