Cornflake Girl Revisited

Never was a cornflake girl,

hangin’ with the raisin girls

was no good, because

I’m a nut cluster—

the raisin girls gathered

with the cornflake girls; they all

pointed, giggled, and walked away

to start a whisper campaign.

Never enough nut clusters around to

make myself feel right in this small world,

they—like trust—are hard to find,

not a one like another anyway.

I thought I saw one once,

but it was just the cornflake girls

clumped around a raisin girl.

Seeing her caught in the middle

I tried to help her,

but she gave me the finger. Well, fine,

be a train wreck all your life,

I don’t mind—I got better cares to give.

If you need me, I’ll be over here

on the edge—the outsider on the outskirts—

doing my own thing like I always do.

Steady as she goes—persistent and patient,

Watch me, I will prevail.


Cornflake Girl Revisited. LJWR 8/4/2015