Drinking from the Fishbowl

dreams and realities 2 9 18 2015

Drinking from the Fishbowl is about dreams and realities—you have to learn to be comfortable within reality to live the dream. It’s a book in which characters take long walks to go “blow the stink off” as needed—the “stink” being anything from writer’s block to an emotional upheaval. It’s a love story about the creative life and inspiration; it’s a love story between three friends. It’s about trust, making promises and keeping them. It’s about loss and being knocked off track by life. It’s about growing up. It’s about what is meant to be. Shit happens in more ways than one—then finding the way to a new version of normal after normal has been derailed by the shit that happens. It’s about becoming lost and then finding oneself—finding one’s way home, and knowing oneself well enough to make it happen.

Not yet published…soon, I promise.