What does Bambi’s Mom have to do with it?

Bambi's Mom

Don’t look back…keep running.

Remember that unforgettable scene in Bambi, the panic, the race to the thicket, the snow falling, and the wee fawn calling for his mother? Heart strings sufficiently tugged (sniffle, damn you, Disney!)

After I finished writing the first draft of my novel The Fractured Hues of White Light, I realized that the four main characters had lost their mothers in various ways, suicide, murder, cancer, and one woman disappeared to escape a bad relationship…It was unintentional to write the “Bambi’s Mom” thing, but it worked…each character survived their loss in various ways…grew from it or were crippled by it… these losses bound them together.

Don’t look back…keep running.

The four characters kept running, but glanced over their shoulders.